Currently (April 2016) more than 3000 family names (last names) are recorded.

The most frequent family names in my research are:

KEUERLEBERworldwideover   1'700
KEIERLEBERmostly in Germany and USAabout    400
KEYERLEBERmostly in Germanyabout    160
WALSER Switzerland, ARabout    170
SCHAUFELBERGER Switzerland, ZHabout    130
GYSINSwitzerland, BLabout    110
SCHIESS Switzerland, ARabout    110
FRENERSwitzerland, ARabout    110
GRIEDER Switzerland, BLabout    110
HANDSCHIN Switzerland, BLabout    100

Overview with all noted last names

with names, numbers and time period of the dates

    last names (pdf-file) (May 2016)

Overview of the earliest persons in each family

with Kekule-number. surname, name, second name,
birth year and birth place (country, region, place)

    earliest persons (pdf-file) (May 2016)