Rotary-Year 2016/17

  • Rotary International President:              John F. Germ, USA
  • his motto is:                                         Rotary serving humanity
  • District governor (DG) of the D 1980:     Franz-Xaver Stadler
  • the governor elect (DGE) of the D 1980: Daniel K. Keuerleber-Burk
  • motto of the D 1980:                             Friendship across boundaries

Rotary-Year 2017/18

  • Rotary International President:                Ian H.S. Riseley, Australia
  • his motto:                                              Rotary: making a difference
  • District Governor (DG) of the D 1980:      Daniel K. Keuerleber-Burk
  • His motto for the D 1980:                        Rotarian diversity:
                                                                         challenging and enriching

The three objectives in the District 1980 for the Rotary-Year 2017/18 are:

  1. Each Club-member plants a tree.
  2. Each club posts almost one project on the homepage of the club and of the district.
  3. New potential Rotary members are found to create a new hybrid club in the region of Basel until June 2019.